• Our team creates models and digital solutions for campaigns that deliver the increased performance and the specific leads/customers' behaviors you are looking for.

  • We have a keen interest in collaborating with premium brands that sell outstanding products. We perform missions for exclusive luxury brands in retail and have collaborated with major technology firms in across the political spectrum. 


  • We believe in creating memorable and enjoyable marketing experience for the our clients customers.

  • Our expertise is built upon more than a decade of consulting assignments and collaborations with a broad range of brands and tech partners.


We choose IA for their knowledge of our business and process. We wanted to augment the understanding our management and branch teams have about customers' needs. 

VP Marketing Analysis Manager - Retail Banking industry

Our company has had the pleasure of collaborating with IA since 2014.  I wanted to thank you for your on-going CRM & Analytics consulting assistance in order to improve our customer relationship performance.

Chief Marketing Officer - Luxury goods industry

Our collaboration with IA contributed helped improve and optimize our customer relationship framework thanks to better customer knowledge and a new mode of omni-channel interactions.

Head of Sales - Fashion industry