Yoni Elmalem
Ms. Information Technology, M.B.A
University of Central Florida

Mr. Elmalem leads our Retail & Banking practice. He brings Inbox-America 15 years of consulting experience as well as his market expertise.


Lauren Fritsch
MS Economics
University of Virginia

Ms. Fritsch contributes to our Luxury practice. She offers her market knowledge and trends expertise on various consumer goods and luxury-related topics.


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Matt Purvis
Northwestern University

Mr. Purvis is the creator of Brand Animation™ and an expert in creating and bringing to life charismatic brands images to drive profits. In addition, Mr. Purvis is an industry speaker, brand thought-leader, and marketing innovator.

Paul Tremberth

Mr. Tremberth leads our Data Science and AI practice. Paul brings the advanced knowledge of AI programming he acquired working for various high tech start-ups as system design, software architecture, and networking environments specialist.

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Fabrice Nabet
Telecom Sud Paris

Mr. Nabet brings 19 year experience in embedded real time software for wireless communications, software development, and validation. He has held positions at Wavecom, Thales Communications, Nortel Networks, and NVIDIA.

Michael Ba
Information Security

Mr. Ba combines 19 years of network security and administration experience. He served at Capital One bank, FDIC, SquareOne, SallieMae and is experienced in intranet support, web applications management, and hardware & cloud framework security.


Alain Sayagh
ENS Mines Saint-Etienne

Mr. Sayagh is currently Director of Middle Office at Council of Europe Development Bank. He uses his 20+ years of experience in risk management and consulting to advises Inbox America on banking-related topics.


Sarah Manthey
Tulane University

Ms. Manthey brings ten years of creative, customer-focused strategies for corporations, governments, non-profits, and small businesses. Over the past few years she has helped companies and organizations capture multi-million dollar growth.

Yves Cassino
Special Advisor

Mr. Cassino is a Lead Mechanical Project Engineer with 15 years experience in Oil & Gas and Water Treatment Engineering. Yves provides expertise on decision making skills and problem solving as well as proven leadership capabilities.

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Daniel Neveloff, Esq.
NY State Bar Association

Mr. Neveloff advises Inbox America on all legal matters. He is an experienced New York lawyer who practices law in both state and federal courts. Mr. Neveloff is an expert on employment law and is part of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.