We’re here to help you realize the power of AI-driven consulting.


At Inbox America, we craft custom models and personalized digital solutions for campaigns that deliver increased performance for your company. Our marketing team aims to implement AI-driven solutions for businesses of all sizes.

We partner with leading academia, data providers, and research agencies to provide the best possible insights and help your firm enter the era of Artificial Intelligence.





Inbox America’s data auditing services help you assess the quality and exhaustivity of the information within your analytics database. Our auditing process encompasses historic trend and present outlook in order to provide insights on your company’s performance. 

Our expertise in distribution channels evaluation, marketing campaign profitability, and sales evolution helps us identify potential for diversification (cross and upselling).

From sales and product line performance to customer demographics and behavior by way of your stores’ KPIs, benchmark, and distribution networks, we analyze your past, present, and future business performances.




We custom build several types of segmentation specific to your business needs. From commercial to behavioral or lifestyle, our segmentation serves as a foundation to provide you with insights that unlock growth, increase customer loyalty, reduce churn, and personalize your customers’ experience based on their preferences. 

With our customer segmentation you can then increase your marketing campaigns effectiveness as well as optimize your advertising budget and decisions. Overall, our data-driven segments enable you to do more with the same resources.




At Inbox America, we orchestrate and automate your digital outreach delivery to let you focus on the creative aspect of your campaigns. 

Our team crafts data-driven communication through individualized relationship plans that include personalized emailing campaign, and advertising insights.

In addition, we create custom audiences that allow you to deliver specific content that resonates with your customers’ preferences.




Unlock your business full potential with our AI-powered CRM platform. With RiANA, you select the modules that best fit your specific business needs, track your marketing campaigns efficiency, optimize your outreach, and improve your targeting methods.
RiANA, with its integrated Artificial Intelligence, predictive analytics, and machine learning abilities, provides the insights needed to design digital campaigns that speak directly to the unique tastes and styles of your customers.

RiANA’s offers:

  • Customer Knowledge and Outreach

  • Performance Tracking

  • Customer Analytics 

  • Sales Analytics

  • Business Analytics